COHN Partners with DAVA to Help Aspiring Young Artists

July 24, 2023

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts and COHN reunite to create campaigns for social change

The marketing industry is overwhelmingly white, middle-class, and male. It’s a problem that all of us in marketing have a responsibility to solve.

As a small-to-mid-sized agency headquartered in Denver, we understand that we may not have the resources to make a global impact on the industry. But we CAN make a meaningful difference in our local community with our actions.

COHN has always been active in our community, but we never focused our altruistic attention on a single cause until 2021.

Today, we have built an incredible partnership with Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA) to help educate the next generation of marketers. Through our inaugural curriculum last summer, COHN mentored high-school-aged students over a six-week program that turned these aspiring young artists into a savvy ad agency. Every COHNian spent several hours at DAVA, doing our best to impart marketing wisdom to these talented artists.

This year, we spent time helping to develop their campaigns on plastic’s devastating effects on the ocean. This talented group of artists harnessed their creativity to turn ideas into powerful statements through art.

Downtown Aurora Visual Arts is an incredible organization. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, DAVA engages diverse youth in meaningful arts education that sparks creativity, increases opportunity & strengthens the community.

The DAVA Ocean Art Show’s opening is Friday, September 8th between 4-7 pm to showcase the work. We encourage you to attend, donate and volunteer for an incredibly rewarding experience.

Thank you to everyone at DAVA for continuing this programming every new summer.


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