COHN AI: What’s Your Favorite Colorado Brand?

July 3, 2024

COHN employees chime in on their favorite Colorado-based brands

COHN is headquartered in Colorado—home of the Rocky Mountains, Coors Brewing Company, and, of course, the greatest musical amphitheater in the world: Red Rocks. It’s also the home of countless incredible brands doing some really great marketing work.

In this edition of COHN AI, we asked COHN members for their FAVORITE Colorado-based brand, and what part of their marketing is the most interesting. Here’s what they said:

KONG Dog Toys: Branded Household Name

Jeff Cohn
President, CEO and Founder

When I think of interesting Colorado brands, I immediately think of KONG Dog Toys, based in Golden. KONG is truly one of a kind and, therefore, a brand-differentiated company. They make dog toys that help our dog Cooper play, learn and have fun. But most importantly, their products last! Coop knows how to destroy a toy and has yet to destroy his KONG. Also, they may be on the brink of doing an impossible feat of marketing and brand awareness. When it comes to doggie toys you fill with peanut butter or treats, I’ve noticed people refer to them as “Kongs” whether they made it or not. That puts them in the league of household names like Kleenex and FedEx which positions KONG as the industry standard. Colorado’s KONG is the KING of dog toys!

Colorado-born Chain Restaurants: Growth Marketing

Ali Lego
Chief Operating Officer

Denver and Colorado have been instrumental in launching several quick serve / chain restaurants over the years, including Chipotle, Noodles & Company, Quiznos, Qdoba, Illegal Pete’s, Tokyo Joe’s, Snarf’s, MAD Greens, Snooze, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, Smashburger and our latest client, Anthony’s – all of which have been extremely successful for varying reasons. I don’t think many associate Colorado with being a hub for chain restaurants (I certainly didn’t), but it shows there is a depth of experience in our state and an ability to bring to life new concepts successfully.

Yetman Farms: Branded Experiences

Chris Thomas
Creative Director

I love supporting local and even better, hyper-local, entrepreneurs and businesses. With that in mind one of my latest favorites is Yetman Farms. Nestled in Lakewood, amidst the suburban homes is the small family farm run and curated by Doug and Amy Yetman. They also run the wildly popular artisan market, Horseshoe Denver. At the farm, they have created a place for community of all ages to experience a friendly place to explore and interact through camps, workshops, music shows and more. They understand their audiences and can craft their message to get them noticed on social, which is their main driver of foot traffic. And they’ve done a really good job of creating branded experiences that lead to word of mouth to grow their reputation. Every touchpoint and interaction is authentic to the brand. Check them out and I guarantee you’ll have a great time.

Mountain Standard: Website Launch

Lynde Scott
Production Artist

One of my favorite Colorado brands is Mountain Standard. They are a small outdoor wear / apparel brand based out of Boulder. With an oversaturation of brands in this sector—and many large brands to compete with—they stand out by focusing on clean modern design, high functionality, technical materials, no frills, and the local trail-to-tavern lifestyle Coloradans have. They embrace being a small business and know their local target audience well. Their social media posts and email campaigns are evidence of this. Earlier this year they closed sales on their website and have been promoting that something big is coming this fall. I think they’ve done a great job of gathering hype around this new drop of products. I’m really curious to see what they launch.

Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta: Icelantic Ski Collab

Taylor Brizendine
Account Director

Through acquisition and change of ownership, the Colorado pizza company Anthony’s that has served New York-style pizza for the past 40 years has recently become a new client of COHN’s! In true Colorado fashion, and to celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Anthony’s has partnered with another local Denver-based company, Icelantic Skis. Together they will design, brand and give away 20 pairs of skis this fall via social media to honor their history and celebrate the future.

Be a Good Person: SMS Marketing Design Drops

Gabi Baldwin
Content & Social Media Specialist

One of my favorite Colorado brands is Be a Good Person, based in RiNo. This clothing brand stands out by promoting positivity, not only through the community work they do behind the scenes but also through their apparel. Each piece prominently features the logo ‘Be a Good Person’ and acts as a call to action, encouraging positivity and goodwill among those who wear it and those who see it. One effective marketing tactic I’ve observed is their brand collaborations. They’ve partnered with Colorado sports teams like the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies. These partnerships have allowed them to tap into audiences they might not have otherwise. Another marketing tactic they use is SMS marketing. SMS gets customers to take action and the ability to convert immediately. They regularly send out updates about new design drops, sales, and upcoming partnerships. This direct and timely communication ensures I never miss an opportunity to check out their latest offerings.

Never Summer: Digital Marketing Collaborations

Shari Spooner
Senior Content + Social Media Director

The company/brand I have chosen is Never Summer. I have chosen them because of their unique approach to their digital presence and outreach. They collaborate with interesting artists and brands to elevate their digital presence as well as bring authenticity and connection to their marketing efforts. Over the years they have always continued to share their story and history with their audience and help to captivate you in a way that makes you feel connected to their company, their brand and their trajectory in the snowboarding world.

On social media through their creative, they leverage their story, their snowboarding team, their knowledge about sports and the products they sell. They also are proud to be a local Colorado company that has its roots here and that this community really helped them get on the map in the snowboarding industry.

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