What We Watched – May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017
This week, Sweden’s latest tourism campaign blew us away and Google came out with every whiteboard lover’s dream.

Sweden Has Listed The Entire Country On Airbnb

Check out the 90-second Visit Sweden spot highlighting the Swedish constitutional right of allemansrätten which gives the right to access, walk, cycle, or camp on any land that is not private. Love this idea!
Elizabeth Knight, Account Supervisor


Google made a $5,000 whiteboard – and it’s weirdly fun

As someone who has watched John King of CNN struggle mightily with smart boards, I was skeptical when I watched this The Verge piece on Google’s newest tech, the Jamboard. But now that I’ve watched the Jamboard in action, I’m a believer, and I want COHN’s resident white boarder to purchase one for the team. Come on, Bart!
CJ Powell, Writer


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