What We Watched This Week – June 22, 2017

June 22, 2017

From a motivating spot from the University of Phoenix to a Game of Thrones branding breakdown, get ready to be inspired by the latest What We Watched.

We Can Do IT!

Brilliant idea to use animation in this smart-spot; a sure fire way to maximize the potential for goosebumps.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


Persuasion & Branding in Game of Thrones Analyzed

…and here come all the Game of Thrones articles. With less than one month remaining until Game of Thrones returns (July 16!!) get ready to consume all sorts of GoT-themed content, subject lines, think pieces, infographics, and more. If I have to read “_____ is Coming…” one more time in ad copy, I’m going to puke. That said, I appreciated this video on Branding in the Game of Thrones world. If you’re a fan of brand, GoT or both, you’ll probably also appreciate this one.
CJ Powell, Writer


Connecting the dots

With most major advertisers still spending a healthy portion of their budgets on TV, reporting is now available to track attention, conversion, and attribution by IP address of secondary devices. So, if you’re watching a commercial on TV, then take action on a phone or tablet, advertisers can see the ROI of their TV spot. Pretty cool? Or pretty scary?
Anne Wright, Director of Client Services


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