What We Watched — February 3rd, 2017

February 3, 2017

Ever wonder what your favorite COHNians are watching during their spare time? This week, we watched a handful of Super Bowl ads, a throwback Twitter contest that COHN ran in 2009, and the very best ad of the week from a Danish TV station. Enjoy!

Super Bowl ads? We’ve got ’em!

What would the week before the big game be without the ads? Check out this chart of upcoming ads — and spoiler alert, but not on this list, Spuds MacKenzie is back! Still trying to figure out if I missed him…
Anne Wright, Sr. Account Director


This Danish ad will challenge you to step outside your defining box

Here was a pretty cool and moving ad by a Danish television station. It probably seems more powerful since everything in the US is in shambles but a cool perspective nonetheless.
Andrea Drabczyk, Digital Producer


The Twongue Twister Project

Here’s a fun throwback. In 2009 COHN (known then as Cohn Marketing) launched a hilarious Twitter contest titled the Twitter Twongue Twister. To play, Twitter users submitted a traditional tongue twister via Twitter. Winners received Twizzlers, Twix, Twister, and Twinkies, and I know this because—during my pre-COHN years—I submitted my own Twongue Twister to the contest and won! I think I was hoping they would hire me for my hijinx, but the candy was a nice consolation. Watch this gut-busting video of Denverites trying to read tricky Twongue Twisters!
CJ Powell, Writer


The 25 Most Influential Super Bowl Ads of All Time

For all the Superbowl commercial loving fans out there! A little something to take you down memory lane – which one is your fave? Did they miss any?
Chris Thomas, Creative Director


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