What We Watched This Week – August 4, 2017

August 4, 2017

Grab the tissues—this viral video might make you adult sob. Also, you can now manage a farm… on a shelf. Enjoy, loyal readers! 

‘In A Heartbeat’ is here to make you cry happy tears

This is not a marketing video; it’s not even a business video. This four-minute smart bit of storytelling instantly went viral (2.4 million views on day one), and when you watch it, I think you’ll understand why. Said one of the creators: “It’s an innocent and lighthearted story about a boy and his crush that we hope will resonate with younger people regardless of their background.”
CJ Powell, Writer

You can now become an indoor farmer with this innovative tech

If you’re like me and want nothing more than to have an awesomely huge garden of your own (it’s a little tough to do that in an apartment in Capitol Hill without a porch), this will definitely interest you. Farmshelf is changing the way food is grown using sensors and data to help give each plant what it needs at the exact time it needs it. With documentaries like What the Health and Food Inc. scaring people into questioning where their food comes from, I sense this type of technology will take off rapidly.
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Producer

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