What We Watched This Week — April 14th, 2017

April 14, 2017
It has been a busy week for the COHN team! Kick your feet up and catch up on what we watched this week.

How do focus groups work?


I found this to be an interesting little video snippet explaining Focus Groups. All research has limitations but as long as you realize that and use the right methodology to find answers to the right questions, research can be invaluable.
Debbie Berschling, Senior Account Director


Leo Burnett and Samsung’s ‘Do What You Can’t’ Campaign Unites Us Together Against Fear


Samsung’s first latin campaign communicates innovation by ignoring fear—it’s a thing of the past. The concept of “Do what you can’t” is inspiring in many ways. It’s about doing something that you believe in and not being afraid to pursue it. Kind of like Nike’s “Just Do It”. The message really resonates with our younger generation.
Jesse Pixler, Creative Director


Chipotle turns to TV


After some struggles in the recent past, Chipotle is turning to a national TV campaign featuring their “As Real as it Gets” spots. The campaign brings in comedians to help emphasize the authenticity of the chain’s food in a “world full of fakery and half-truths”. An interesting spot, with minimal mentions of the food itself.
Anne Wright, Director of Client ServicesLet’s be real: I’m pro-Chipotle. I don’t care what scandal du jour Chipotle is fighting, I will always carry a torch for the company that took burritos mainstream. So you can understand my resistance to this new TV campaign, which de-emphasizes the company’s delicious, colorful ingredients. Instead, they hired celebrities to act out a strange scenario wherein funny people find themselves inside a burrito talking to Jeffrey Tambor. Why? “We set out to avoid all the conventions of fast-food advertising,” said the agency’s creative director. “Using humor and a commitment to telling it like it is… [we created] a campaign that is very true to who they are.” Here’s what I see: a bland concept that doesn’t make me want to go to Chipotle at all. Where’s the brand connection? Where’s the food? This feels like a Super Bowl ad that critics destroy the next day.
CJ Powell, Writer


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