What We Watched – June 10,2016

June 10, 2016
Sit back, relax, and catch up on what we watched this week.

John Oliver Forgives $15 Million in Medical Debt


If there was any doubt before, John Oliver has now cemented his status as the world’s master of the PR stunt. For $60,000, John Oliver bought the nearly $15 million in medical debt and forgave the debtors as a means to (a) bring awareness to the boring but very important debt collection industry; (b) show how easy it is to secure thousands of social security numbers, addresses, birthdates, and more; (c) make a memorable impact for viewers and next-day viewers via a wickedly smart PR stunt. The guy just knows how to grab headlines.
CJ Powell, Writer


Pinterest Comes to Life at TOK&STOK


I love the way this brought digital and real world together. Very smart and simple. Also, great branding.
Chris Thomas, Creative Director


Muhammed Ali’s Greatest Quotes

There’s some wisdom here — from the world of boxing to day-to-day living, Ali shared some lessons learned.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director


Maybe This Crying Dog Will Stop Someone From Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

Summer is here! It means sandals, shorts, BBQs, going to the pool, and hot cars? Yes, very hot cars. Kyle Clark from 9News perfectly worded what I want to say every time I see a dog left in the car. Props to Kyle for reminding dog owners everywhere, that leaving your dog in the car, is never okay.
Steven Busch, Production Artist


REinvented: Agrihoods