What We Read This Week – September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017

In this week’s What We Read, copywriters (and their copy) love themselves a little too much, B2B sales teams love themselves some tradeshows, and we love ourselves some IKEA augmented reality app. Have a lovely weekend!  

When Copy Loves Itself Too Much

This week I read this clever article on blog about narcissistic copy… I mean I am the biggest narcissist there is but maybe the content I create doesn’t have to be? When copy loves itself too much…

Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director

Developer: Stop trying to be Amazon and start being inspiring

Advice that seems commonsensical, but clearly need to be heeded: “In-line retailers who want to be relevant need to know who they are today and what they want to be tomorrow. They need to focus on doing what they do well, and continually get better. They need to dedicate the time and resources necessary to make, and keep, their stores great. They need to be inspired and inspiring. And, they should not dwell in the past – but look to the future, and recognize that brick-and-mortar retail can remain not just relevant, but the true center of our retail industry.” – Yaromir Steiner, Steiner & Associates

Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Here’s The Cannabis California Consumers Really Buy

The data is collected, analyzed, and released by BDS Analytics, a company that I would love for us to partner with on a project! California will absolutely shape everything about the industry in coming years, and BDS Analytics does a phenomenal job with this report. Give it a read!

Taylor West, Senior Communications Director

What B2B Sales Teams Need From Marketing to Win Deals

Based on a recent survey of B2B sales teams, they feel that industry events, a better value prop and case studies would help them close more deals. Duly noted, Sales Teams of America. See what else is on the list.

Anne Wright, Director of Client Services

Ikea’s New App Flaunts What You’ll Love Most About AR

This is a perfect example of technology taking the leap from “Whoa! That’s cool. What can we use it for?” to a practical function. I’ve moved a lot, and there are always the same dilemmas: Will my stuff fit? What new things will make this feel like home? Why did I pack all the dishes? This could help.

Elizabeth Knight, Account Supervisor

How to Master Microcopy

This week I read this cool, quick read on microcopy. It talks about why microcopy is important and how it helps your user get through your content. It’s not the sexiest business out there… but we are all groomed to read the microcopy and when you remove it, your users seem lost and unsure about your website.

Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director (That’s right, people: Twice in a week!)


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