What We Read This Week – November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016
Sit back, relax, and catch up on what we read this week.

The 8 Commandments of Creating an Awesome User Experience


This week I read a cool article on the eight commandments of UX design. Some of them are pretty well known, but it is a good way to bluntly put what you already know in “word-form” and how to explain that to a client for their benefit!
Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director


What Smart, Successful Local Businesses Do to Attract Holiday Travelers

This is a good read for our real estate, retail and travel & tourism clients. With holiday travel starting this week, George Freitag at Moz Local put together a list of minor but meaningful digital improvements your business can make to give you the online boost you need this holiday travel season.
CJ Powell, Writer


Santa to make us all feel better

With an election that seemed to have no script, Macy’s is hoping their holiday social campaign will be a little piece of feel good. Their timing is interesting — they’re hoping they can create “a groundswell of positivity” to preserve the season. Oh, and maybe we’ll spend some money in store too.
Anne Wright, Sr. Account Director


Facebook says it miscalculated more metrics, but it’s telling advertisers not to worry


Sigh. Another scary headline for us advertisers. Facebook’s Advertising Chief, Carolyn Everson, says that the ad clicks and impressions yielded are accurate, but they are making changes to how advertisers can view metrics for clarity and consistency. There’s talk of adding third-party auditors to the mix to boost advertiser’s confidence in the platform, too. It sounds like the social giant is trying to make amends.
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Coordinator


Is Black Friday Retail Becoming Obsolete?