What We Read – June 16th, 2017

June 16, 2017
From the man who makes all the cheese for Domino’s and Papa John’s to the latest update on the Ex-Most Interesting Man in the World, you’re not going to want to miss this week’s What We Read. Read on.

This Secretive Billionaire Makes The Cheese For Pizza Hut, Domino’s And Papa John’s

I heard about this story on Colorado Public Radio earlier this week. Really interesting. The cool tie in is that their headquarters are just up the street from us on 38th. And always have been. Nice neighbors to have!
Jeff Cohn, President & CEO


6 Ways Drones Could Change Health Care

Fascinating perspective on the impact drones will have on health care from Max Blau at Scientific American. Most of these examples are not overly far fetched (dropping condoms in rural Ghana, for example), but one idea seems fairly futuristic. A university in Mississippi is developing a drone that would drop telemedicine kits to get doctors “into” the epicenter of a disaster via Google Glass. In this scenario, a civilian bystander would put the glasses on and be walked through how to perform emergency treatment by a professional doctor via the internet. Crazy times, we’re living in.
CJ Powell, Writer


The ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ Is Now a Tequila Drinker


Is the pitchman pivot a growing trend? (think Paul Marcarelli’s dash from Verizon to Sprint.) I’m intrigued by this ploy, but have to wonder where consumer recall lies – on the actual product or the pivot maneuver.


Life Lessons From The Checkout Counter

I love reading about how business leaders found their passion and work ethic. A wonderfully descriptive and inspiring life lesson for all of us.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


IKEA’s Ingenious Recipe Posters That You Have To Cook To Make Effortless Meals

The latest Leo Burnett Toronto campaign is smart and visually They created a visual recipe poster for IKEA that simplifies recipe and meal creation. All you have to do is buy the items a create your culinary masterpiece. I can see this being a hit with kids that like to help out with cooking and meal prep. Such a simple idea!
Jesse Pixler, Creative Director


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