What We Read This Week – December 8, 2017

December 8, 2017

I swear Budweiser is not a client (yet), but a few of our COHNians have been reading up on the great American beer this week! Have a good weekend.

How the Budweiser Clydesdales Became a Force in Holiday Marketing

The Budweiser Clydesdales are historic, symbolic, and quite frankly, just plain epic. The emblematic nature these heavy draft horses carry with them has become an iconic American symbol, which rings true especially during the holiday season. Seeing these fantastic beasts trot along either in real life or in a Budweiser commercial will no doubt prompt you to grab a cold one and maybe a couple tissues.

Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Producer

Instagram’s Dreamscape Winning Fans

Since it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s nice to know that “wonderful” wins out. I do think that with Instagram’s platform, the focus is on images and visual stories that are positive, beautiful and inspiring vs. the debates and negativity that are peppering other social media platforms. I hope that Instagrammers, and Marketers specifically, don’t tarnish this with a play to direct content similar to other channels. Yes, there should be a place for content that allows us to communicate our various viewpoints, but it’s nice to know there’s a place to focus on the beauty in this world that inspires us around the world. Happy Holidays and here’s to positivity in 2018! (And check out our Instagram!)

Debbie Berschling, Senior Account Director

Bud Light Unveils a Second ‘Dilly Dilly’ Ad and Likens the Campaign to ‘Whassup’

“We’re not defining it. We’re letting you define it. I think that’s an important approach today. You have to know when to let it go, rather than using traditional marketing techniques to try to fuel this stuff.” Bud Light VP, Andy Goeler

Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Cision releases a new study on Content

This one is a bit lengthy, but it’s worth the read. It’s gated content, so if you’d like the Cliff Notes version, here are some key takeaways: 1) Globally, 65% of marketers are seeing shrinking budgets as one of their main challenges. 2) Facebook continues to be the top social channel in the US (ahead of where other countries put it). 3) Content, while sometimes hard to measure, continues to be a top focus by 66% of marketers. 4) Globally, 48% of all marketers say paying influencers is a key part of their influencer strategy.

Anne Wright, Client Services Director


New Cannabis Rules Go Into Effect January 1

A handful of new cannabis laws go into effect in 2018, and our team at COHNNABIS is especially interested in HB 1261, which focuses on standardized packaging and labeling of product. The new packaging and labeling requirements will decrease interaction with minors.

CJ Powell, Writer

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