What We Watched This Week – September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

In this week’s What We Watched, the iPhone X makes its expensive debut, and experiential retail continues to be the talk of the industry.

iPhone X

Apple unveiled the new iPhone X for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this week. There’s no home button, it unlocks with a selfie, and has wireless charging and it has a bigger and better screen. It’s a whopping $999, so I better start saving my pennies. I didn’t think I needed or wanted this, but the face ID feature alone has me sold. No more deleted apps when my one-year-old gets her hands on my phone. Yes, please!

Tara Astrom, Graphic Designer/Production Manager

Experiential retail on the rise

Experiential retail continues to earn buzz, and rightfully so. With retail juggernauts Bed Bath and Beyond and Container Store adding more in-store demonstrations, experiential retail rages on.

CJ Powell, Writer


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