What We Watched This Week – September 1, 2017

September 1, 2017

In this week’s What We Watched, we present a hilariously brilliant ad that mocks those who try to speak Millennial. Plus an interesting bit of storytelling from the land of the long white cloud. Enjoy!

This Generic Millennial Ad Made Entirely From Stock Footage Is Disturbingly Perfect

This is “must watch” YouTube for all advertisers. The copy, direction, and editing are all so perfect; you’ll be laughing within a few seconds. But perhaps the smartest thing about this video is that it’s produced by Dissolve, a stock footage provider. Brilliant work. Stop what you’re doing and watch it.

CJ Powell, Writer

Taika Waititi speaks out against racism

I had to share a clever bit of storytelling here from the hilarious and brilliant Taika Waititi. You’ll cringe, laugh and hopefully think twice the next time that dude in your office makes an immigration joke.

CJ Powell, Writer (again!) 


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