What We Watched This Week – November 3, 2017

November 3, 2017

In this week’s What We Watched, the owner of Corona beer gets into the cannabis industry, and we are moved by a short film on addiction. 

Is This the Most Beautiful Ad Ever Made About the Throes of Addiction?

Addiction is something that impacts us all to some degree. This short film, narrated by recovered heroin addict Bob Forrest, is essentially a love letter to those who are still struggling with addiction. Beautifully written and shot, this ad packs in a lot in just four minutes and 30 seconds.

Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Producer

Corona beer owner set to buy into world’s largest cannabis grower

Constellation Brands is buying a 10% stake in Canopy Growth, the world’s largest publicly traded cannabis company, and the two brands are reportedly working together to develop and sell cannabis-infused beverages. This is yet another sign that big business sees the writing on the wall for legal cannabis. Are we going to have to wait until Trump/Sessions out of office, or will the government give in finally?

CJ Powell, Writer



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