What We Watched This Week – February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015

Sit back, relax and check out what we WATCHED this week starting with an Oscar’s ad that out-did this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Dare Greatly – Cadillac

Some would say I’m a movie buff, so of course I watched the Oscars. But one of my favorite parts of the show was not the show itself. Cadillac’s new brand driven campaign, Dare Greatly, really caught my attention. It’s smart. It challenges. And the website brings it to life with stories about those who dared. Can’t say I am one to get excited about car ads, but this one had far greater meaning. Who needs Super Bowl ads? This campaign is powerful.

Jeff Cohn, President & CEO


I love Dove and the fact that they are focusing on positive reinforcement and perspectives when social media so easily spreads the negative. Coca-cola tried a similar approach but was targeted by Gawker for pranking. Why can’t people just leave good intentions alone and spread the love?
A reminder that you need to be fully prepared and able to respond when launching social media campaigns.

Debbie Berschling, Senior Account Director

House of Cards

I love how the Netflix Original Series, House of Cards, uses social media and video to build hype and tease their new seasons. If you check their Facebook page it is filled with short video snippets of the characters filled with foreshadowing of what’s to come. The videos and music match the shows dark theme and have fans eagerly waiting to binge on the next season.

Samantha Drake, Digital Strategist

Birthday Wingsuit

While not a new video, this week our 6-year-old showed us what he wants for his birthday this year. Really?!

Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Coke’s Next Big Campaign

Preview of Coke’s centennial birthday campaign which will include 14 TV ads, a custom anthem, a traveling art exhibit, a global art competition and an outdoor and digital campaign. I love the animated ad, what a beautifully illustrated story. I feel this campaign is one we will remember for years to come!

Tara Jayson, Graphic Designer & Production Manager

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