What We Watched This Week – February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016

Sit back, relax and check out what the COHN team watched this week.

NFL scores with ‘Super Bowl Babies Choir’ commercial
While overall I thought the Super Bowl commercials were pretty disappointing this year, this was one of my favorites. Just the concept alone is so creative! It’s a happy feel-good commercial that stood out. Think Denver will see a surge in babies 9 months from now?!
Tara Astrom, Graphic Designer & Production Manager

OK Go Shoots New Music Video Completely in Zero Gravity
OK Go keeps building their brand by creating some of the most clever, artful and fun to watch videos. The sheer logistics of the production are impressive!
Chris Thomas, Creative Director

Factory Gets ‘Radical’ in New Effort for HEAD Tennis
In an effort to reach and resonate with Millennials, HEAD Tennis takes a new approach to introducing their new “radical racket.”
Stacie Wolf, Digital Intern

Relive the Super Bowl through the 8-bit glory of Tecmo Bowl
Because it is the replay in 8-bit Tecmo Bowl style!
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

Basic SEO training: long tail keywords
It can sometimes seem appealing to cast a large net with broad SEO keywords to attract a large variety of visitors. This is a really quick explanation of why more specific keywords are often more beneficial for your website and users.
Elizabeth Knight, Account Executive

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