What We Read This Week – February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017

It’s time for another round of What We Read! We’ve got a solid lineup for you. Enjoy!

A Guide to Successful Design Handoffs

This week I dove into a UX/UI designer’s guide to digital handoffs. Getting people on the same page for a smooth handoff is a must in the ever-changing scene of digital design. I love that some of the tools mentioned are ones that we work into our everyday processes over here at COHN. Great read.
Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director


Navigating the Social Media Solar System

An interesting comparison with the top social media sites today — and also some interesting stats on today’s social media world. For instance, there are more 18-49 year olds on You Tube mobile than any cable network in the United States.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director


Why Domino’s will eat Pizza Hut’s lunch

Brand wonks will love this Franchise Times profile on Domino’s Pizza and its CEO Patrick Doyle. You might remember Doyle from the 2010 TV campaign where he acknowledged negative consumer sentiment about the Domino’s recipe and vowed to do better. Since overhauling the recipe, Doyle’s Domino’s continues to push the envelope, launching the industry’s coolest app, toying with a Tweet-to-Order function, experimenting with drove delivery in New Zealand, and imagining a future where a hologrammed Beyoncé or Bill Murray delivers your pizza. The best part? Doyle understands the brand journey: “We refer to ourselves as a work-in-progress brand—we don’t think we’re ever there.”
CJ Powell, Writer


84 Lumber Was Super in Social Media Response