What We Watched This Week – August 21, 2015

August 21, 2015

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Mobile Video Advertising: Making Unskippable Ads
While video advertising continues to make a dramatic climb, testing the content for mobile is at the top of the list. Google just put out a study (that I read), but it was all about the video, starting with Mountain Dew’s new Kickstart beverage.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Friskies Dear Kitten
Friskies cat food teamed up with Buzzfeed Video over a year ago to bring us “Dear Kitten”. A hilarious, slightly branded, guide to welcoming a new kitty to the household – as told by the older feline. They have since continued to capitalize on cat video momentum with a series of adorable videos that provide a welcome smile whenever I feel stressed.
Samantha Drake, Digital Strategist

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed Video, Friskies

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