What We Watched This Week – August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017

In this week’s What We Watched, prepare to have your mind blown by Coca Cola, your eyes rolled by Peyton Manning, and your carpool curiosity piqued. Thank you for reading and watching! 

A Giant Otter Protects Peyton Manning in Otterbox’s Gloriously Silly Ads

Will these ads produce record-breaking sales for Otterbox? Probably not. But put PFM in front of a camera for your product, and it’s probably going to be funny and/or highly sharable. Kudos, Otterbox.
CJ Powell, Writer

3D Coke Sign in Times Square

A friend shared this super cool video about Coke’s new 3D sign in Times Square. Enjoy!
Paul Wood, Front End Developer

Schoolpool helping thousands of parents get their kids to school

As a mother of a young child this program sounds like such a lifesaver. In addition to being a great service for parents it takes vehicles off the road, which reduces congestion, and air pollution, Denver is in need of both. Way to Go local parents and schools, ride on!
Anna Duggan, Senior PR Director


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