What We Watched This Week – April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015

It’s Friday and we know you’ve done enough reading this week so sit back and enjoy What We Watched This Week, starting with Nike’s new women’s campaign.

Nike – Inner Thoughts

I really like Nike’s new women’s campaign. We’ve all been the new girl at the gym or in an exercise class who is just starting to get into exercising and might be a little lost. We’ve all had these “inner thoughts” which makes this spot really relatable. I also liked their approach of running this spot primarily online, their paid social targeting was spot on.

Samantha Drake, Digital Strategist 


Shed the Monster – People for Bikes

This video from People for Bikes is totally relatable and reminds that biking is a great way to alleviate stress and turns out… it’s fun! We are all used to just jumping in our cars, but why not take the bike instead?

Leigh Ann Bauer, Account Executive


Organic Valley – Save The Bros
When it comes to commercials nothing will grab my attention better than humor. Organic Valley has a line of organic protein shakes and created this hilarious video to help spread the word. Using their buy one bro one campaign you too can help save the bros.

Steven Slyker, Digital Projects Intern



1991 Sizzler

We always say that a solid brand strategy can be somewhat aspirational.  In Sizzler’s case, if we just “lift our voices…we can start a quiet revolution to get the quality and choices we want.”  But that was just the beginning. Little did I know that way back then, Sizzler was not just putting a buffet in a restaurant, they were giving us “choices that could add freedom to your life!”  Could the the boldest unique selling proposition. Ever.  God bless America, Sizzler!

Julie Marchant, Senior Account Director


Photo Credit: Nike

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