What We Watched – February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017

From ads that target the walls that divide us, to our Netflix watching habits, we’ve got a solid line up for What We Watched This Week. Enjoy!

Netflix releases not so happy news on Valentine’s Day

Netflix released information on viewing habits on Valentine’s Day and some of it isn’t so rosy. The survey reports that 46% of “streaming couples” have cheated on their significant other by watching a show they were supposed to watch with their partner. They have some other fun and not-so-fun facts in the report—all of which somehow made them relevant on a holiday I’m guessing most people weren’t hoping to spend on Netflix.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director


‘Make Love Not Walls’ Says Diesel

Here’s another stunning ad that takes aim at the walls that divide us. It’s becoming very popular in advertising to message around Trump’s wall in the ad’s subtext. We’re knee-deep into a strange period where just about everything seems political and controversial right now. Still, this message—“make love, not walls”—seems pretty tame. It’ll be interesting to see how the messaging in these ads escalates over the course of the Trump presidency. Who will one-up Diesel’s rainbow colored tank?
CJ Powell, Writer


Spotify Builds More Funny Ads Around User Data, This Time Saluting Goofy Playlist Names

Spotify does it again. The music streaming/sharing platform has found yet another creative way to use its user data. If you recall, Spotify first made us LOL with their creative billboards in 2016. This time, Spotify pays homage to funny playlist names with the help of a few celebrities. I love the creativity behind using user data in ads.
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Producer


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