Takeaways From My First Month at COHN

March 8, 2016

My first month at COHN as a digital intern was full of new learning experiences, adapting to the agency’s culture, and getting to know the team I will be working with over the next few months. Having this invaluable learning experience at my fingertips is something that I wanted to document and share; so, here’s a look at what I learned during my first month at COHN.

Being an intern at COHN is different from any other learning experience I’ve ever had. The office environment at COHN is collaborative, fun, and entrepreneurial. There’s always something new to be tackled, opportunities to get engaged, and interesting technologies to be discovered. As an intern, it is essential to learn the workflow and processes of the agency and department you are in, in order to contribute your best to the daily operations of the agency.

During my time at COHN, I have had the opportunity to put myself to the test by learning and applying my new skills. I have also had the opportunity to become integrated into actual client work, instead of just learning and observing the processes. This involved working on web checks for our clients, which includes making sure their websites are working properly, ensuring they have a healthy SEO campaign, and that their numbers fare well in Google Analytics.

Additionally, I learned how to check for spam on our clients’ sites and set up filters in Google Analytics to ensure those sites continue to work smoothly. I was also excited to get acquainted with wireframing in UXPin, which provides a platform to begin the process and to learn what it’s all about. Wireframing is the next visual phase after creating the sitemap; we build a wireframe that is not interactive and does not include content in order to design the layout of the site. Next, we move on to creating a Hi-Fi or interactive wireframe.

I learned a lot during my first month at COHN; working alongside industry experts, learning how to navigate new technologies, and just getting into the groove of the agency process. My goal is to continue to put all of the skills that I have acquired over the past several weeks to use, to better our clients’ strategies, and to continue to learn and hone new talents to help me to better contribute to the agency and the work we put out.


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