What We Read This Week – September 8, 2017

September 8, 2017

In this week’s What We Read, self-driving cars can (apparently) be easily fooled, McCafé enters the bottled coffee category, and the Official Guide to Being a Good Weed Citizen. Have fun this weekend! 

As L.A.’s marijuana market explodes, a snapshot of the new pot buyer emerges

Featuring research from New Frontier Data, this LA Weekly piece contains a couple of great insights about how important branded products and marketing are going to be as the California market explodes in places like L.A.
Taylor West, Senior Communications Director


Facebook says likely Russia-based group paid for political ads during US election

Well it’s happened, and it just goes to prove that if you only get your info or your news via one source the chances of being duped are about 100%. As a nation and society we need to dig deeper and seek out information and not just believe everything that’s fed to us.
Chris Thomas, Creative Director


McCafé drinks get buzzed to go the retail route

Want to hear something crazy? The Frappuccino is 21 years old! (There’s an “old enough to drink Irish coffee!” joke somewhere in there, but I’ll pass.) Since the Frappuccino’s introduction in 1996, the RTD coffee segment has grown wildly, up to $2.5 billion in 2015. Dunkin Donuts entered the RTD coffee market in February, and here comes McDonald’s to the game, with its bottled McCafé line expected to hit shelves next year. Not all analysts are excited about it—but you’ll have to read the article to know why.
CJ Powell, Writer


Amazon is the new Walmart — and Whole Foods just inherited all of the e-commerce giant’s baggage

“To go from a niche company and transform into a huge, industry-shaking phenomenon means becoming a lightning rod for criticism.” As an aside, I guess the days of referring to Whole Foods as Whole Paychecks has an expiration date.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


Researchers show how simple stickers could trick self-driving cars

This article points out a big flaw in self-driving cars. Strategically placed stickers can make a Stop Sign look like a Speed Limit sign.
Paul Wood, Front End Developer


The Official Guide to Being a Good Weed Citizen

As Amanda Chicago Lewis writes in this Rolling Stone piece, “Whether you’re livening up a dinner party with some gourmet infused cookies or scoring some unlabeled bud from your dealer for your friend’s mom, it is important to consider how to be a good weed citizen.”
Taylor West, Senior Communications Director (Twice!) 


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