What We Read This Week – October 27, 2017

October 27, 2017

This week’s What We Read is a doozy of a post, chocked full of news, insight, and commentary from around the industry. Enjoy! 

Uh-oh: InVision’s new free tool wants to kill Sketch, Adobe, and Framer

This is an absolute game-changer for digital designers and UX folks. Can’t wait to see InVision Studio in action.

Mike Margiotta, Senior Strategist


Eventbrite is pulling some cannabis events from its site, leaving organizers frustrated

It’s not just that the cannabis industry is highly regulated; it’s that the regulation is inconsistent and cumbersome and obnoxious. Case in point: Eventbrite, the leading online meeting and event organizer, is now arbitrarily locking events that are remotely associated with cannabis, leaving the hosts without a way to contact or even refund registrants, let alone take down the event. And the worst part is these are professional networking groups, not e-commerce events. What gives Eventbrite?

CJ Powell, Writer


Tangential content earns more links and social shares in boring industries

Great article from Moz today on the benefits of non-branded content. Just an FYI if you need some late-night reading. This has come up with a lot of clients lately who tend to be reluctant to talk about material outside of themselves. Enjoy!

Bart Gottula, Senior Digital Strategist


The future of advertising

This author thinks “access” will be bigger than “advertising” in the near future as more and more consumers are using digital options for radio, TV, etc. Native will take an even more prominent role, and email will still have a place, as customer data remains key.

Anne Wright, Director of Client Services


America’s largest mall steps up mobile navigation

Beyond mapping out the predictable part about your afternoon at the mall, this technology might come in handy for life’s unpredictable moments as well, like finding the restroom when your pre-schooler really needs to go, like RIGHT. NOW. Step-by-step wayfinding could eliminate one more hurdle for the browse-resistant millennials looking to expedite their shopping trip.

Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


Old eBay, we bid you adieu

This week I read a amazing brand renewal story on Brand New about the evolution of the Ebay brand. With the changing of eccommerse throughout the years, I think that this new revitalization of Ebay shows promise that our online retailers are growing as industry trends grow. The introduction of modern colors and a new typeface is just yummy to designers eyes.

Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director (again!)

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