What We Read This Week – November 13, 2015

November 13, 2015

Sit back and read up on a few weekly tips and trends that we’ve spotted. 

Tempest in a coffee cup illuminates power of Starbucks brand
Here is a great example of how the design of a brand and carefully chosen copy – or lack thereof in this case – can be intricately woven in culture, enough so to create an emotional reaction for its consumers. The mermaid logo on the front of the cup is universal, while the design on the actual holiday cup has varied over the years. For Starbucks, it’s loud and clear: often times, the simplest message is the loudest.
Sarah Bowles, Public Relations Account Coordinator

Redditor Gives A Marketing Reality Check On The Age Old Facebook Question: Why Is Organic Reach Declining?
There’s a huge misconception around why Facebook organic reach is so small. Is it because Facebook wants to make more money so they are forcing companies to pay for reach? Yes, partially, but that’s not the entire story. Thank you to the Redditor who:
1. Makes the debate about organic vs paid content on Facebook incredibly straight-forward
2. Reiterates why a strong content strategy mixed with a savvy media buy ultimately provides the best results
3. Verifies that a quality social media brand requires time, dedication and strategy – and a poor social media brand can’t be fixed over night.
Lisa Wieting, VP Planning & Integration

5 web design takeaways from 2015
This week I came across a cool infographic that explains the web design takeaways for 2015. I am relieved that I practice all five of them on the site designs coming from my machine 😉
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

Walmart Asks You to ‘Greenlight a Vet’ in Honor of Our Military Heroes
In honor of Veteran’s Day this past Wednesday, Walmart has teamed with Saatchi & Saatchi to promote the “Greenlight a Vet” campaign. Walmart is asking us to show support to our military heroes by switching out one of our lights for a green bulb. Such a cool idea in my opinion, although I haven’t seen many green lights around. Maybe it will catch on this time next year!
Tara Astrom, Graphic Designer & Production Manager

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