What We Read This Week — May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017
With Facebook and Instagram adding Snapchat-like features, can the photo/video sharing app compete? With the threat of E-commerce looming for brick & mortar stores, does the new normal involve some kind of integration? Finally, NASCAR really doesn’t appreciate typos, especially when it comes to cannabis companies. Keep on readin’ on.

The Future of Snapchat

Around our house, slime has come and gone, fidget spinners are out of control, and snapchat seems to be hanging in there. However, both Facebook and Google have new features planned for the near future — can Snapchat compete? Their stock is down and their target audience is beyond fickle.
Anne Wright, Director of Client Services


Trending Stores: Eloquii

So much chatter about the threat of E-commerce to brick & mortar, the new reality may be a skillful blend of both.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


NASCAR nixes marijuana-related sponsor for driver

It’s often said cannabis will be the next great American industry. For now, however, brave cannapreneurs like us still need to fight the good fight to legitimize the industry around every corner. Today’s example of growing pains comes from NASCAR and longtime driver Carl Long, whose marketing team submitted (and was initial granted) approval for a cannabis-based sponsorship on the hood of his car. When Carl showed up to race last weekend, however, NASCAR forced him to remove the cannabis company’s logo from the vehicle—even though Carl’s team had proof that NASCAR approved it. So what’s the real story in this he-said, she-said? Turns out (according to the /NASCAR subreddit), Carl’s team accidentally spelled the company’s name wrong in the sponsorship application, so NASCAR had no idea they were a cannabis company. One big, bad oops for the cannabis industry that reflects poorly on the aforementioned cannabis company, Carl Long and NASCAR.
By CJ Powell, Writer


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