What We Read This Week – May 15, 2015

May 5, 2015

Here’s a peak at what we read this week, starting with how some brands ‘surprise and delight’.

Best Practices: How Brands Can Build Loyalty with ‘Surprise-and-Delight’ Efforts
Some insightful takeaways, including the notion that in a world so digitally connected, brands are turning back to real-world, offline experiences to drive meaningful, emotional connections with customers.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Snickers Found Amusing Fails All Over NYC and Put These Stickers Next to Them
This hilarious sticker campaign from Snickers is another great example of how brands are making connections outside the digital world. We’ve all seen fails like these, now we know they could have all been prevented with a Snickers bar.
Samantha Drake, Digital Marketing Strategist

Why mobile and social media are revolutionising retail
So it seems, the rise of m-commerce could make s-commerce an even more significant driving force in retail.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Under the Influence: A New Perspective on Social Marketing
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director



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What We Learned This Week – May 1, 2015