What We Read This Week – March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016

Sit back and read up on a few of the tips and trends that the COHN team spotted this week.

Unbranded Cancer Ads Invoke Emotional Response
Medical Marketing & Media took a look at a few of the most thought-provoking and creative cancer prevention and awareness campaigns from around the world. These campaigns also strive to deter people from using products that are linked to cancer, such as tanning.
Kari Coughlon, Senior Account Director

Emotions Win Out
This infographic from Microsoft helps explain why ad campaigns and messages that make an emotional appeal have a greater success rate, including higher profit gains.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Chick-fil-A’s Ridiculously Awesome Strategy to Attract Millennial Moms
An industry that continues to evolve is fun to watch. For example, Chick-fil-A has been on a roll. First the cole slaw turns to kale salad, and now mom doesn’t have to hold a squirming toddler while trying to place her lunch order. What’s next I wonder?
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Land’s End in Crisis: What They Should Have Done
Lands’ End takes a stand against gender equality in the workplace and starts a commotion.
Stacie Wolfe, Digital Intern

Apple Faces the Most Important PR Battle in its History
Traditionally, Apple’s public relations strategy has been to play hard to get, rarely unveiling details about their new products or granting interviews until releasing them to the public. They’ve always used simple, understated messages in their advertising to grab attention. Now, Apple is being forced out of their comfort zone by the FBI, making their high-stakes legal dispute very public – and Apple isn’t taking the bait. Apple is shifting from their traditionally quiet tactics to being outspoken and uncharacteristically transparent about their stance on user privacy. Apple’s PR strategy is definitely risky and it will be interesting to see the public response going forward.
Sarah Bowles, Public Relations Account Coordinator

Are Freelance Designers Really a Dying Breed?
This article talks about the “drying up” of freelance web design jobs and why it’s happening. It also emphasizes why we shouldn’t discount design as simply a luxury, and not a necessity.
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer


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