What We Read This Week – July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015

Here’s what we read this week, starting with the top ten innovative and inspiring business ideas over the last four weeks. 

The Top Ten Innovation Report for July
Always appreciate getting inspiring business ideas in digestible chunks.  This particular report is chock full.  Never heard of Ultrahaptics before.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Finally, Instagram Has Upped Their Image Resolution by Almost Double
Instagram has realized bigger really is better, finally! Instagram will now allow you to upload photos that are 1080 x 1080 dpi, instead of the 640 x 640 that it used to be! Considering the significant advances that GoPro and iPhone cameras are making, it is about time Insta joined the party and quit killing the quality of everything you upload online. High five, Instagram.
Steven Busch, Production Artist

How to deal with a small design budget
Communicate early and often. This is key in any project — big or small — and can so easily go awry if not focused on from start to finish.
Leigh Ann Peterson, Account Supervisor

Photo Credit: ultrahaptics

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