What We Read This Week – January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015

Have you resolved to stay on top of what’s trending in the new year? We can help with that. Here’s what we read this week.

How Timberland Used Customer Data to Reboot its Brand
Timberland used data, listened to their customers, and, voila, increased sales and better profit margins…
Michael Barber, VP, Strategy

The Superfans Using Stats To Get To The Bottom Of ‘Serial’Just like the rest of the nation, I was (somewhat) hooked on Serial. If you listened, remember that line from one of the reporters stating that if Adnan Syed didn’t commit the murder then he’s just one of the unluckiest people ever? This article digs into that statement using statistical thinking to answer the question of “what are the chances he’s just that unlucky?” The answer? Not likely …
Jackie Cartier, Public Relations & Social Media Adviser

2015 Typography Annual
Communication Arts published their 2015 Typography Annual this week. Lots of good inspiration here, I especially love the packaging winners.
Tara Jayson, Graphic Designer & Production Manager

Adaptive Web Design – Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement
This was a groundbreaking book when first published in 2011 and continues to be of great importance in the web design world. It is now available for free! Enjoy.
Cindy Gamel, Creative Technologist

CES Show Brings New Technology to Life
Outside of the car companies showing off their latest and greatest, the “Internet of Things” is a hot topic.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Vipp’s Plug and Play Shelter Serves as a Comfortable Retreat
Now here is a place I wouldn’t be afraid to call my “Home Away From Home.” A Danish design company named Vipp, creates these freaking awesome, escape from reality, ultra modern getaway homes. Place one of these near a river in Colorado where I can fly fish and Jeffrey is a happy camper!
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

App Finds the Right Transportation, and Gets You to it in Five Minutes
An algorithm that can figure out the best vehicle for your journey? Hmmm, I’m betting COHN’s Michael Barber is eagerly awaiting Shift’s arrival to LA.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

The Ten Things You Didn’t See This Morning
I really enjoyed Ernie’s take on how important it is to notice our surroundings and be aware, but how hard it is to concentrate with all the tech pulling on our attention.
Chris Thomas, Associate Creative Director

You Can Now Play Nearly 2,400 MS-DOS Video Games in Your Browser
The inner child in me is so happy right now. Over 2,400 MS-DOS are released (for free!) to be played in your browser. Yes, I will still be productive… but this might make it a little bit harder. Oregon Trail here I come!
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

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