What We Read This Week – January 30, 2015

January 30, 2015

Our rundown of must-read articles is back. This week, we’re showcasing what we’ve read, starting with why brands matter. 

Why Brands Matter
The way your brand presence looks and makes people feel is vital to its success, both online and on shelves. Nowhere is this more evident than with beer brands. This article really makes it clear that people associate strong emotions with certain brand expressions, especially when it comes to what they drink.
Justin Kutner, Digital Director

Facebook is rethinking how it tracks ads
Click through rates aren’t good enough? Facebook is rethinking how they track ads. Read on to see what might better tell the story.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Similac Has a Big Hit With One of the Most Honest Ads Ever About Parenting
There are a lot of strong opinions as to formula vs nursing. Instead of pushing a pro-product pitch, Similac came out with a pro-mom ad. And I love it. If I didn’t already have a formula product that works for us this ad would have swayed me in Similac’s direction.
Lisa Wieting, Director: Client Strategy

Delaware aims to be 1st with digital driver’s licenses
Everything is going digital… so why not your driver’s license? Delaware is pushing to become the first state to offer a digital driver’s license on your smart phone. Last year the state allowed for an electronic proof of insurance, so why not your license? One less piece of plastic to carry around. But is it a good idea? The plan is to roll out the app in 2016. Only time will tell. If all goes well, there are sure to be plenty of copy-cats going forward.
Steven Busch, Production Artist


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