What We Read This Week – January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

It’s the first weekly roundup of the new year. Hope you enjoy it!

Coca-Cola Reveals Custom Typeface, TCCC Unity, Inspired by its Modernist Heritage

This week I read that Coca-Cola company released their first typeface call TCCC Unity. It is a modern san serif that takes the company into the new year and I think it is delicious!
Jeffrey Steffonich, Art Director

Marketing Trends at CES

Always one of the most interesting tradeshows of the year, marketers should take note of this year’s trends: 1) Online only shopping isn’t always the end all-be all (think Amazon entering the brick and mortar via Whole Foods), 2) While TVs continue to be the most dominant screen in households, think new/smaller “screens” too, such as refrigerators that help you organize a list, or that allow you to see what’s in your fridge from the grocery store, and 3) software will continue to be a focus — helping to usher in artificial intelligence tools — and other tools that may impact how consumers interact with your brand.

Anne Wright, Client Services Director

4 Retail Real Estate Predictions from 2018

The always-intelligent Diana Perry from Linear Retail drops some knowledge on what to expect in the coming year. My personal favorite? Owners tagging their properties as products to utilize the “SHOP” option on social channels. Pretty dang savvy, DP.

CJ Powell, Writer

7 Science Stories in 2017 that Made us Go, “Whoa, That’s Awesome”

2017 has been (finally) laid to rest and although it was a challenging year for us as Americans, there is hope. These seven science stories of 2017 will get you excited for a better year. Here’s to 2018!
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Producer

What We Watched This Week – December 15, 2017