What We Read This Week – February 20, 2015

February 20, 2015

Check out what we READ this week starting with hard-to-notice ad placements that actually get noticed. 

Daiya Pizza’s Hard-to-Notice Difference Illustrated by Hard-to-Notice Ad Placements – Via TDA_Boulder
Clever and creative ad placement from Daiya Pizza by TDA Boulder. With the headline “It’s easier to notice this ad than notice our pizza is dairy-free,” some ads run in strange places like on top of busses or have really small placements like mini-magnets in elevators. Sometimes bigger isn’t better! I’ve had this pizza and have to say, their non-dairy cheese is the best out there!
Tara Jayson, Graphic Designer & Production Manager

4 stories: Secrets of Hollywood
Okay here is a great podcast from The Week. I love this magazine and I thought this would be timely with the Oscars coming up. I think the Star Wars podcast is fun and relatable to the millennials at COHN who are Star Wars geeks ( I remember watching the first Star Wars movie in a drive-in theater, gotta love Nebraska!
Kelly Behm, Director, PR Client Strategy

Five Essential Apps for UX Design
User Interface and User Experience design is such a key element in every website and app we design at COHN, which is why we’re always researching the latest trends and best practices. This week, we found a very helpful article from our friends at Media Temple, breaking down five essential apps for UX Design.
Justin Kutner, Digital Director

10 futuristic gadgets for the early adopter
Who doesn’t love a good gadget? Want to make sure your coffee is made? Get a better night of sleep? Check out this list of gadgets coming soon — or already available for purchase.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career
Kelly Behm, Director, PR Client Strategy

Study: Video posts have the greatest Facebook reach
I’ve been saying for years that video engages audiences better than any other type of post on social media, and now the folks over at are backing me up. “Video posts had an organic reach of 8.71 percent, which means nearly nine out of 100 fans saw the posts. By comparison, posts with links had an organic reach of 5.29 percent, text posts had 5.77 percent reach, and photos brought up the rear with only 3.73 percent organic reach.”
Justin Kutner, Digital Director

Who said it? Kanye West or your creative director
Is there a more polarizing pop culture figure right now than Kanye West? A new hilarious website called “Kanye Vs. Creative” asks the age old question that everyone at an ad agency struggles with: Who said it? Kanye or your Creative Director?
Justin Kutner, Digital Director

What We Learned This Week – February 13, 2015