What We Read This Week – February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016

Sit back and read up on a few weekly tips and trends that the COHN team has spotted.

“The Eeyore Factor” – Should we be pessimistic in Commercial Real Estate?
Senior Editor Paul Rosta examines his inner “Eeyore,” the nagging voice within that makes him skeptical about the financial side of commercial real estate these days. Ultimately, Rosta determines his inner Eeyore is groundless: “The watchful regulators, the chastened rating agencies, the bankers who insist that borrowers have significant skin in the game—all know that a lack of prudence can exact a high price.”
CJ Powell, Writer

The Psychological Secret Behind Viral YouTube Videos
You know that cat video you’ve seen everyone share a million times on Facebook? How about the one of the father singing to his child? The controversial one about politics? Check out this great article with an in-depth analysis of why, out of the 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, a video on YouTube can go instantly viral.
Justin Kutner, Digital Director

Heisenberg Ipsum – a Breaking Bad Generic Web Copy Generator
Lorem ipsum, Seinfeld-Ipsum, Bacon-Ipsum… there are tons of greek text websites out there that generate generic copy for web and print layouts. I read this week that they launched a wicked sweet one that uses dialog from everyone’s favorite science teacher. I present to you, “Heisenberg -Ipsum”.
Jeffrey Steffonich, Senior Designer

Which Super Bowl Ads Might Actually Sell Stuff?
Dorito’s Super Bowl ad leads the pack in likability and effectiveness.
Stacie Wolf, Digital Intern

Geotargeting – for SEO?
Surely you’ve heard of geotargeting for advertising, but this article highlights how you can impact SEO with geotargeting too.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

An In-Depth Look into Google’s RankBrain Algorithm
A look at how RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to analyze search queries, convert into similar words and phrases, and find pages that may not match exact keywords but are still relevant.
Elizabeth Knight, Account Executive 

The 58th Annual Grammy’s: Does Anyone Watch This Live Anymore?
I fully admit that I did not watch the three and a half hour Grammy Awards ceremony live this last Monday. Mostly because my baby has an early bedtime and this working mom takes advantage of that, I like my beauty rest also. I did, however, catch up on all the glitzy performances and hype the following morning thanks to the media coverage of the event. There was also ample airtime and text/ink allocated to Taylor Swift and Kayne West who continue their public catfight via award speeches and media headlines. I am not a huge Swift fan but her rebuttal to Kayne’s claim to her fame deserves a “you go girl!” In case you missed it like I did, here are some highlights courtesy of Rolling Stone, which remains an American entertainment staple and one of my favorite music and entertainment publications.
Anna Duggan, Senior Public Relations Director


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