What We Read This Week – August 28, 2015

August 28, 2015

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Facebook tries to change the game (again)

Facebook is rolling out a new feature which will allow users to purchase items directly from retailer’s profile pages. What does this mean for the average Facebook user? More ads? More time to spend on Facebook? Pinterest is slowly rolling out a similar feature. Are we moving into a world where there won’t be a need to visit retailers’ websites, and we do all of our shopping on social media?

Digital Director, Justin Kutner

Stop The Interruptions! Marketing In The Age Of The Always-On Consumer

From telemarketers calling at dinner to pop up ads in our daily news feed, we’ve all experienced the frustrations of these poorly timed marketing efforts. As the “internet of things” continues to surround us, marketers are posed with a greater risk of interruption in our daily lives.  We must continue to focus our marketing efforts on relevance, contextual experience, and enjoyability to avoid backfire. It’s essential to strike a balance between interrupting and creating relevant, push-driven brand experiences through testing and iterative development processes.

Digital Coordinator, David Freund

Wednesday’s tragedy puts Autoplay in the spotlight

News of the tragic WDBJ shooting was already a shock to the public on Wednesday, but social media’s autoplay feature made it all the more upsetting, as users saw video of the violence without being offered a choice. Many are calling into question the apparent “seamlessness” of the autoplay experience (or opportunity for more ad revenue) in cases where sensitivity to content should be considered first.

Senior PR Director, Kate Peters

Facebook Advertising Updates

With the recent Facebook Ad updates, it’s easier than ever for brands to connect with mobile users. The new update includes a “Call Now” button that allows mobile users to call the company directly instead of spending time searching for a phone number. The updated interface also allows marketers to navigate Power Editor and Ads Manager with ease, as well as make creating ads a breeze with new templates that pull from Facebook’s audience targeting. This new update is definitely going to make life easier for anyone who uses the platform regularly.

Digital Coordinator, Kaitlyn Ambrose

Photo Credit:  Mashable

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