What We Read This Week – June 30th, 2017

What’s your take on green branding? What about the effectiveness of native advertising? You won’t want to miss this week’s edition of What We Read.

Why Green Branding Needs to Die

OK…the name of the article is a little harsh but the message is clear – understand your audience and understand how to position your story so that they are empathetic.
It’s past time to reposition the clean energy industry so that we all feel like it makes sense from an economic, jobs, design and future standpoint.
Chris Thomas, Creative Director

Native Content Steals the Show

A recent study published by Time Inc, shows that native content is a good way for new brands to reach audiences. And, 93% said they’d like brands they know to do something new — or to help educate them in exchange for their time and attention. Finally, no surprise, but two in three consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising.
Anne Wright, Director of Client Relations

Reddit Looks to Lure Advertisers With Video and Redesign

I can’t remember how or why I got into Reddit several years ago (it was probably fantasy football news), but it’s easily my most visited site today. Unlike its social media peers, Reddit is pretty darn ugly, and the navigation takes some getting used to. But what makes Reddit special is its uniquely engaged user base. Redditors care. A lot. In fact, simply posting COHN-written blogs onto the appropriate subreddit will, on average, drive 20% more traffic to our site. These users don’t just Like or Retweet or Pin. They click through. And so it makes sense that Reddit is finally (FINALLY!) addressing its lackluster ad platform with video and a coming redesign. Will 2018 be the year of Reddit?
CJ Powell, Writer




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