What We Read This Week – August 10th, 2017

In this week’s What We Read, we examine Apple diving into Instagram, record-breaking investment in retail real estate as retail “dies,” and some interesting nuggets on experiential hotels. 

For Experiential Hotels, The Devil Is In The Details

Move over retail destinations, hotels are sidling up for some “experiential” love too. Creating experiences means creating the kind of place people remember, and memorable experiences are comprised of a lot of small details.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


Apple Finally Joined Instagram. Here’s How It Plans to Use It.

In case you haven’t noticed, or maybe you have, Apple has been absent from the “social” part of social media. Until now. The tech giant recently created an Instagram profile (https://www.instagram.com/apple/) and has been using it to promote the existing #ShotoniPhone campaign. This is great because it showcases some pretty talented folks’ work, but it’s to be expected of an Apple social channel. Now, if they could just create a social account that will help solve Keynote glitches, that would REALLY be awesome.
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Producer


The Lag in Leads

Ever wonder how your company compares to others with following up on leads from your last tradeshow or event? This article may make you feel better as most companies need 4 days or more to circle back with a prospect.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director


If Retail Is Dying, Why Is Money Pouring Into Malls?

If the headline doesn’t pique your curiosity, then contact your doctor immediately. This Bloomberg article contrasts the national media narrative of “failing retail” against the $1.6B worth of construction spending on shopping centers that occurred June (the second-highest total ever behind July 2008.) Can both stories be true at the same time? What is the national media missing about the retail apocalypse that accounts for this record-breaking construction spend? Bloomberg deliberates.
CJ Powell, Writer


How To Create Content That Hooks Your Prospects and Keeps Them Engaged

We constantly ask clients and our internal teams to create content to drive engagement. What you have to say is relevant, but it isn’t always easy when you’re staring at a proverbial blank sheet of paper. Here are some ways to differentiate yourself and your content.
Elizabeth Knight, Account Supervisor





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