What We Watched This Week – August 12, 2016

Sit back, relax, and catch up on what we watched this week.

The Human Family


Apple reigns king again, mastering the art of simplicity in their newly released commercial shot using only an iPhone. A poem by Maya Angelou is read alongside user-submitted photos, all reflecting the theme: The Human Family. Appropriately timed with the start of the Olympic games, this is truly one of those commercials with the ability to quiet a room full of talking people and make a powerful statement. Well done, again, Apple.
Steven Busch, Production Artist


Nike’s new series of ads is soaring

While viewership of the Olympics is down, Nike is doing very well with their new series of ads. The new spots aim to bridge the gap between the elite athletes of the Olympics and the “everyday” athlete. This “Unlimited Courage” ad features transgender Olympic triathlete Chris Mosier and is a sequel to “Unlimited You” and “Unlimited Future.”
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director


John Oliver looks at journalism in 2016

Print journalism is in hospice, struggling for air in its final moments. This isn’t exactly news; layoffs and buyouts come in swell-like sets these days. But like every other tough subject he’s tackled, John Oliver deftly explains why shrinking print journalism is a very important issue for all of us. The piece is certainly worth watching, though the Newspaper Association of America released a statement afterward saying Oliver’s mockery of digital efforts like Tronc is “pointless and ultimately harmful.” The fake movie trailer at the end featuring Jason Sudeikis is wonderful.
CJ Powell, Writer



The Warning – Ad Council

I’m a bit of a sucker for most Ad Council spots, and this one is no exception given my husband’s profession.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director


Olympic Channel

I love the style of this and how it evokes a historical feeling while encompassing current-day athletes. It’s so richly textured, and tells the story in a simple, beautiful and emotional way. Really shows the power of video and animation.
Chris Thomas, Creative Director





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