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Paul Wood

Senior Developer

  • Birthplace: Plano, Texas
  • College: Kendall College of Art & Design
  • What Paul actually does: Translate interactive visual designs and ideas into code and ensure direction, performance and quality are distributed to each device and screen size accordingly.
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Paul pushes the limits of what’s possible online.

Jesse Pixler, Creative Director
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  • Cities lived in: Plano, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Perrysburg, OH; Holland, MI; Allendale, MI; Big Rapids, MI; MI; Standale, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; Carbondale, CO; Oklahoma City, OK; Manhattan, NY; Denver, CO; Glendale, CO; Lakewood, CO
  • What do you do in your spare time? Work on my smart home and start new hobbies I never have time to finish.
  • Travel memories of note: Leaving my job in Aspen to follow a traveling nurse to Oklahoma City, Manhattan, then settling in Denver.
  • Someday I plan to go to… Tokyo.
  • Unexpected fun fact: I owned a veiled chameleon when I was a kid.
  • A really big accomplishment: Helping to produce the first ever Live Stream / Broadcast of the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race… and Lance Armstrong finished 1st place on a flat tire.
  • Who knew? I’m a self-taught guitar and piano player and enjoy recording and producing music when I have time.
  • Family matters: My Dad was a running back for Air Force and played against Joe Montana. My older brother says his name appears on the chalkboard in the movie Rudy. Also, after playing football he coached with Bill Parcells.
  • A quote you love: “Ours is a world of glowing rectangles. Big, small, landscape, portrait. These are the fluid canvasses we’re given and it’s our job to color them with experience and imagination.”  – Simon Collison, Designer, Writer & Speaker
  • Why marketing? I enjoy creating things.
  • Favorite book(s): Grid Systems in Graphic Design
  • Favorite movie(s): Predator, Flight of the Navigator, Matrix, Gleaming the Cube, A Goofy Movie
  • Favorite sound(s): Sitting on the top of the mountain on a powder day listening to the snowflakes hit the ground.
  • What’s your secret weapon in life? Photographic Memory
  • What do you order at a coffee shop? Black coffee. “No, I do not need room for cream and sugar.”