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Justin Luebke

Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Birthplace: Minster, Ohio
  • College: Wright State University
  • Previous companies: Bluestone Creative, Boost Engagement
  • Brands Justin has worked on: Seek co, Midpoint Music Festival, Downtek, 84.51, BB Riverboats, Stafford Jewelers, USS Nightmare, North American Properties
  • Industry experience: Real estate, Jewelry, Entertainment, Travel & Tourism, Apparel
  • What Justin actually does: Gets clients to the forefront of their potential audience in an ever-changing digital environment.
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Justin views the digital world holistically

Bart Gottula/ Senior Digital Specialist

Case Study: DCT Industrial

How can an annual report completely reposition your brand?

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DCT building

  • Cities lived in: Minster, Columbus, Dayton, Denver
  • What do you do in your spare time? Photography, hiking/backpacking/camping, playing & creating music
  • Someday I plan to go to… the southern region of the Andes Mountains
  • Unexpected fun fact: My girlfriend is also a photographer and put some photos of me on a stock photo website and now I see ads with me on them on a regular basis.
  • A really big accomplishment: Backpacked Western Europe & Iceland
  • Who knew? I have the two best cats that have ever existed. (it’s a fact)
  • A quote you love: “Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?” – Frank Reynolds
  • Why marketing? I love the innovative atmosphere & culture of the industry.
  • Favorite food(s): Pizza, burgers, mac & cheese… anything with cheese, really.
  • Favorite retailers(s): Taylor Stitch & Patagonia
  • Favorite place(s): Iceland, the Dolomites in northern Italy, and Waffle House after midnight
  • Favorite movie(s): Tommy Boy & Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Favorite TV shows(s): The Office, Lost, It’s Always Sunny, and Parks & Rec (in that order!)
  • Favorite sounds(s): That cool shuffling noise when you win solitaire
  • Favorite smells(s): New books and baked mac & cheese
  • What’s your secret weapon in life? Transparency!
  • What do you order at a bar? Negroni & some mozzarella sticks
  • What is your spirit animal? Cat for sure.