Let’s Hear it for the Boomers and Gen X-ers

April 29, 2015

(Don’t worry millennials, we love your generation too)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about generations. Pick up any print or digital marketing publication and you’re likely to see accolades about the importance of the millennial generation (those born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s). And I won’t argue against their importance. They have driven much of our recent societal changes, from digital orientation to selfies. They grew up with computers, mobile phones and technology. And I love working with them.

But with all of the attention on the millennial generation, I think the importance and impact of boomers and Gen-X-ers may be slightly forgotten.

So here’s a shout out to those groups, of which I belong to the last subset of Boomers, those born at the end of the Baby Boom and who show blended tendencies that differ from pure Boomers. Let’s hear it for the ones who grew up with four television stations, wired telephones, mimeograph handouts in school (Love that blue ink smell!), and snail mail. Both of these generations still have plenty to give and provide in a highly digital world.

Boomers and Gen X-ers bring a special brand perspective to digital marketing. We connect back to prior generations (my dad, a WWII hero taught me a lot about bravery and commitment). We think about tradition and values. We understand the impact of privacy and perhaps not sharing what we had for dinner last night in social media channels.

The truth is, all of these generational segments matter to most brands and bring a differentiated viewpoint to brand discussions. Our staff at COHN is made up of Boomers (well, at least me), Gen X-ers, and Millennials. Through research and discovery, we determine who the target markets are for a particular brand, but we always ensure that all appropriate markets are listened to and have a voice.

The Millennials truly matter and are driving great change in our society, especially digitally. But let’s not forget the value of other generational viewpoints too. They may be a bit older, but they may also be just a wee bit wiser.


Photo Credit: eConnections

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