What We Learned This Week – May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015

Check out what we LEARNED this week starting with how one pop-up shop draws attention to the gender pay gap.

Pop-up shop charges women 76 percent to illustrate the gender pay gap
The retail industry brings a larger voice to the gender pay gap issue. Less Than 100 is a clever retail enterprise that definitely helps to raise awareness in a tangible manner; and at the very least, can help provoke a discussion.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

Better Burgers, Choicer Chicken
Love to see this! Hopefully McDonalds and others are listening — good food choices are key.
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

The Future of Advertising: Farewell, Mass Marketing
A resonating quote from this article: “To future-proof your brand, you have to build a strategy that focuses on human activity. Find the connected moments when people want you to reach them, and add value to those consumers’ lives. Your brand will flourish. Kiip CEO Brian Wong
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

IPS considers opening school inside shopping mall
What did I learn this week?  Well, learning happens in the unlikeliest places.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

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