What We Learned This Week – March 27, 2015

March 27, 2015

Check out what we LEARNED this week starting with the notion that our time behind the wheel may be drawing to a close.

Get out of the driver’s seat, human
Get out of the driver’s seat? Sounds good to me!
Anne Wright, Senior Account Director

Modern SEO: It Takes a Village
I listened to this webinar from Ethology this week. It provided some great ideas for on-boarding every department with SEO and gaining buy in for contributors. Modern SEO can no longer be a one person job and this webinar outlined ways to prioritize opportunities and prepare for changes to SEO strategies in the future.
Samantha Drake, Digital Marketing Strategist

Walgreens nixes ‘Be well’ at checkout line
This story is interesting considering we are looking at touchpoint campaigns for a couple different clients and trying to ensure each interaction with personnel and clients is on brand…I wonder if this is in part due to the rise of content and more personalized campaigns we are seeing online and now they are trying to take that one step further.
Kari Coughlon, Senior Account Director

I learned that even though travel can really be challenging with many things outside of your control, it’s nice to be taken care of by a company – in this case a smaller airline – that goes that proverbial extra mile in customer care and support. I highly suggest checking out.
Chris Thomas, Associate Creative Director

Five ways US journalists are making their stories more shareable: Edelman
According to a recent survey by MuckRack and Edelman Berland, reporters are feeling ever increasing pressure to use social media to build their professional brands. Three out of four journalists report feeling the social heat, leading to 86% of reporters being active on Twitter daily. Facebook is also cited as an important outlet, but far behind Twitter. A whopping 78% of journalists admit to using the little blue bird most to build their professional brand as opposed to only 18% who rely on Mr. Zuckerberg’s services. Poor LinkedIn only takes a 2% share, and no one else is even in the race.
Lauren Simpson, Senior Strategist: PR & Social Media

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