What We Learned This Week – December 11th, 2015

December 11, 2015

Take a peek at what we’ve learned this week.

Scrabble Finds Christmas Cheer in Wordplay With Its Latest Cute Anagrams Ad
I learned that some classic games stand the test of time and will always have a place in our homes. This is one of the most on-brand approaches to advertising, within the toy/games genre, that I’ve seen in a while. I L-O-V-E this heartwarming ad.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

This Holiday Window is Not What it Seems
Powerful work in Toronto that makes you stop and take immediate action. Very clever and it supports a good cause.
Tara Astrom, Graphic Designer & Production Manager

The Tarnished Drumpf Brand
Will those who find Mr. Drumpf’s statements offensive cringe at using products and services that have his name on them? Time will tell.
Karen Johnson, Senior Account Director

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