Influencing in a New World

Your Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2021

In March of 2020, our world paused. We hunkered down, distanced, and dreamt of brighter days ahead, not understanding these short-term solutions would soon become our year-long reality.

365 days later, our consumer behavior has dramatically changed. We now work, live, shop, travel, and communicate through virtual spaces, which has elevated digital and social media into the cornerstones of marketing in 2021.

It also vastly accelerated the role of influencers in the greater marketing landscape. In fact, the global reach of influencer marketing grew 57% in 2020 compared to 2019, according to Klear’s State of Influencer Marketing report. But it’s not celebrities or athletes driving this growth. It’s the everyday consumer who wants to feel an authentic connection to the brands they patronize, so they turn to the creators they trust.

In a time when digital experiences reign supreme, influencers give brands the essential tools to engage audiences, provide meaningful content, and fulfill their need for connection. So how do you successfully run an influencer campaign in 2021? We’ve got just the resource to help.


Download the 2021 Influencer Marketing Guidebook

We hope this guidebook helps reframe your approach to influencer marketing in 2021, and if your business is needing a little extra support to launch, then let’s hop on a call. We’d be happy to provide 30 minutes of “on-the-house” brainstorming!

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