Communicating During a Public Health Crisis

When every industry is impacted, can your business stay healthy?

Here at COHN, we prioritize interactions. No matter how big or small, every moment is a touchpoint. And every moment could mean the difference for your business. So what happens when a public health crisis threatens those interactions and, in turn, challenges your business?

Here are ten essential ways to stay connected during a public health crisis. Read more to find out which options fit your business.

What do we know about COVID-19?

Being a full-service hospital and healthcare marketing agency means that we partner with the people who keep you healthy. Including our client, Valley View Hospital, who’s keeping us up-to-date with the latest on COVID-19 test results.

Conference cancellation? Take it online.

For companies that feel the pinch of postponed or canceled events – we hear you. You’ve dedicated months of work (and hefty budgets) toward an impressive event strategy. And now your only chance of reaching those audiences is by abandoning those original plans for a fully digital content strategy.

So what does a successful virtual conference look like?

It’s more than just a string of webinars or going live on Instagram. There needs to be real value and impact for attendees – much like a well-curated art exhibit – that allows them to identify what they gained from the experience. Consider opening and closing sessions that prime the audience for what to expect and allow them to reflect on their overall learnings. Treat attendees as collaborators by having open forum discussions, enabling chat tools on webinars, and inviting attendees to become their own panelists on certain subjects.

Looking beyond the itinerary, your company’s success also relies on the support systems. Even the best presenters benefit from generous practice time and helpful feedback. Engage current partners or vendors in sponsorship opportunities, even consider allowing them to host a session or run giveaways. Different approaches come with different price tags, so be diligent with your sponsorship offerings.

And finally, the promotion should never stop. In-person conferences have the advantage of attendees being “hostage” to the venue. So when your audience is less captive, participation relies on reminders, often and in every form. This includes email invitations, social posts, discussion forums, giveaways, session recordings, and anything that draws attendees back into the experience.

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