COHN wins “Best Creative” and 7 other awards at The Fourteeners 2019

May 16, 2019

COHN has won 24 awards this year (and counting)

We never measure client success by awards. Our focus is on the client, making sure we meet their needs, exceed their expectations, accomplish their goals and keep them happy throughout the process.

Awards do validate and commemorate client success, however, so it’s always fun to be recognized by an industry organization for good work. And we’ve been recognized quite a bit in the first five months of the year.

COHN and our clients have received 24 awards in 2019 (so far), including eight last Friday at the Fourteener Awards—a collaboration between the Business Marketing Association of Colorado and the American Marketing Association of Colorado. On top of the five “Gold” and 2 “Silver” designations, COHN also took home the treasured “Best Creative” prize for its work with Phillips Edison & Co.

“Best of Creative is about as good as it gets at awards programs,” said Jeff Cohn, CEO. “I couldn’t have been happier to see our creative excellence celebrated. Our name was in lights very loudly that evening throughout the show.”

Below is a full list of our 2019 awards to date, and be sure to check out our portfolio to see the award-winning work in action.

The Fourteeners

  • BEST CREATIVE: Phillips Edison & Co. – B2B Brand Campaign
  • GOLD: Phillips Edison& Co. – B2B Brand Campaign
  • GOLD: Way to Go – B2C Brand Campaign
  • GOLD: Cannabolish – Social Programs
  • GOLD: Rural Physicians Group – Website under $25k
  • GOLD: Peña Station NEXT – Website over $25k
  • SILVER: Phillips Edison & Co. – Single Ad
  • SILVER: General Cannabis – Write In (Brand Book)

The Communicator Awards

  • GOLD: Phillips Edison & Co. – Print Advertising
  • GOLD: COHNNABIS – Website
  • GOLD: Seed & Smith – Website
  • SILVER: Credit Union of Colorado – Integrated Campaign
  • SILVER: Way to Go – Integrated Campaign

AVA Digital Awards

  • PLATINUM: Seed & Smith – Website
  • GOLD: The Aurora Highlands – Website

Hermes Creative

  • PLATINUM: Peña Station NEXT – Website
  • PLATINUM: Galleria Dallas – Photography
  • GOLD: General Cannabis – Brand
  • GOLD: Phillips Edison & Co. – Print Campaign
  • HONORABLE: Foli – Logo

SIA Awards

  • GOLD: Credit Union of Colorado – Total Advertising
  • GOLD: Phillips Edison & Co. – Advertising Series
  • SILVER: WellDyneRx – Website
  • BRONZE: Visit BlackHawk – Integrated Marketing

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