CEO Jeff Cohn published in Healthcare Business Today

COHN Founder Spots Critical Healthcare Marketing Trend

Jeff Cohn, President and CEO of COHN Marketing, was recently published in Healthcare Business Today with an editorial on how consumerism is changing healthcare marketing.

In the article “How Empowered Consumers are Changing Healthcare Marketing,” Jeff draws parallels between the best practices of retail marketing and today’s healthcare marketing. Highlighting the growing power of the consumer/patient, the evolving landscape of retail real estate, and achieving differentiation through brand, Jeff makes a strong case that every healthcare marketer should read.

Interestingly, COHN as an agency has mirrored some of these same transformations. Retail real estate has always been our core expertise, but over the last five years, we’ve become extremely well versed in healthcare marketing, as well. The two industries and categories, while seemingly dissimilar, overlap in many unexpected ways. In fact, Jeff has always drawn the comparison between a shopping mall and a hospital, and he uses this example in his recent editorial:

“Hospitals, like shopping malls of the ’80s, always operated as massive monoliths, where people would inevitably spend hours without ever leaving the premises,” Jeff said. “These facilities had hundreds of parking spots, specialty offerings, and even food courts.”

If you have a few minutes, we recommend reading Jeff’s piece in Healthcare Business Today and reflecting on your own healthcare marketing efforts. Afterward, shoot us a note and tell us what you think!

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