Valley View Hospital

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Locals were unaware of the world-class facility in their backyard.

Valley View Hospital is located in Glenwood Springs, a Colorado mountain town off I-70, but it contains the facilities, technology and expertise to compete with any of the major regional hospitals. Despite the fact that Valley View is a world-class facility, residents in the area were not aware of the range of skill and treatment options available here and travel to the larger cities for care they could get closer to home.


Targeted engagement with expertise messaging.

To raise awareness for Valley View Hospital across mountain towns from Vail to Grand Junction, COHN established a three-focus approach: First, establish Valley View Hospital as a regional network presence and more than just a hospital. Then, push the new PeopleCare brand positioning to the community to own “care” in the medical space. Finally, COHN would highlight all practices, departments and specialty centers to show range of expertise and treatment options.